It can be stressful to plan for a large move. You will need to hire a moving company, arrange your utilities, pack your belongings, and much more.

There are times when you need to store your belongings between moving into your new property.

Perhaps you are planning an interstate move and need to get a few things done before you move on. Maybe you have to wait until your new property is ready for you to move in. Perhaps you have plans to travel or business responsibilities that need attention before you move. There will be a time gap between moving out and moving in, no matter what the reason.

Consider using the same removalist to store your belongings if you are moving. A full-service removalist will handle all aspects of your move and not require you to search for other providers. You have many great reasons to store with your removalist.

1. It Is Possible To Save Time And Effort

This is how it would look: You pack everything, even your furniture. They are loaded onto a moving truck. They are then transported by truck to storage facilities. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your current or new city, once you are ready to move in, you will have to do it again. Not the packing, but loading all of the large boxes into the truck and then unloading them at your destination.

Even if you hire Removalists Chatswood to do the heavy lifting, you need to be present at the storage facility to allow them in and to close the doors when they leave. You’ll be spending almost as much time on storage as you did on the actual move.

You can save time and energy by storing with your moving company. You don’t have to add on an extra step. Instead, treat your move as one seamless process. Once you are ready to move in, load everything up and allow the removalists to store it. This is a simple, straightforward process that will save you time and effort during stressful times.

2. You Can Often Save Money By Storing With Your Moving Business

The moving company might be able to offer storage rates that are based on how long you need to store your possessions. Let’s say you only need storage for a few days. You don’t want a monthly fee for storage. You don’t need to pay for a storage unit for more than five weeks. Instead, you can work with your moving company and pay a storage fee that is appropriate for the amount of time your possessions will be kept.

Also, consider the possibility that if you choose to store your belongings in a storage unit instead of working with a removalist, you could end up being locked into a contract for six months or even a year. This is more than you might need.

3. It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Find The Right Storage Space For Your Belongings

You need a large storage facility to store all your belongings during a move. This may be necessary if you have large possessions or a home. To ensure that everything is safe and secure, you may need to rent multiple storage units. Your removalist can help you assess your storage requirements based on your home’s contents and make sure they have enough supplies for your needs.

4. There Are Ways To Reduce The Chance Of Loss Or Damage

You increase your chance of forgetting something every time you move things around. Maybe a box wasn’t properly secured, or it is tucked away in a corner forgotten. Despite your best efforts to reduce the chance of this happening, small items, especially, can slip through your fingers at the worst possible time.

Your removalist will take care of all the paperwork and inventory when you store your belongings with them. You may not need to take your belongings out of the pod, but this is possible in some cases. Your removalist might be able to store your belongings safely. They will do everything possible to make sure that your belongings are safe.

You can reduce the risk of damage by moving your possessions less often and having professionals do the job. You can rest assured that your possessions will be in safe hands because the professionals will handle loading and unloading storage.

5. Some Removalists Won’t Deliver Items Directly To Storage Facilities

Many moving companies prefer to move items from one house to another. They will not accept storage requests. Removalists are often unaware of storage facilities. The removalist will not know if your belongings are kept in a controlled environment or if they can be accessed by anyone else. It can be difficult to tell if something was lost or damaged because many people don’t fully inspect their belongings before putting them in storage.

If you are using an independent storage facility, it is possible to arrange for your items to be moved into and out of the facility yourself, instead of hiring an experienced removalist.