Submission Rules

Your guest content should fit the blog’s Home Decor specialty. We dislike random blog posts. Make sure the material you publish here is informative and does not promote yourself or your product.

Each guest article you send must be between 500 and 2000 words. Each piece must be well-researched and offer readers something new. The topic you’ll address here should be well-researched, and if you use resources, include links.

Images and videos are crucial to content. They attract readers to your blog. Make sure to include photos and videos in your material to give readers more information. Make sure the photos or videos you post are original and don’t violate copyright.

Follow the many links you add. Our blog doesn’t endorse rivals. Ensure this section has no such resources.

Every article needs a conclusion. Your guest post’s conclusion should support its thesis.

Submission Rules

We accept guest postings in different formats. We can copy-paste text from PowerPoint, Word, Google Docs, Dropbox, and more.

Send your stuff to our email address. If you’re using Google Docs, you may link to it in your email.

Your guest post should be well-formatted. Introduction, conclusion, headers, and subheadings are necessary. Always utilize lists, figures, and bullet points.

We’ll modify your guest post if necessary. We examine guest posts for grammar, spelling, and format mistakes before posting. If we don’t like the headers or subheadings, we can modify them.

We appreciate your efforts, so you may include an author bio with your guest post. This area might include your introduction, your link, and your social media accounts or services.

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