Many people ask us what the best reusable bags look like. The best reusable bags are up to the project manager, or the beholder.

While it’s true that manufacturing and shipping reusable bags have an impact on the environment, any reusable bag is more environmentally friendly than the alternative: How to Wash Reusable Bags. Reusable grocery bags that don’t require extra cleaning are often the best.

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

Cotton bags are available in many different styles. These bags has traditional cotton, Organic cotton, and reusable cotton reusable bags. Recycled cotton is made up of old and organic cotton scrap that would otherwise end up in a dump. Because of its many benefits, cotton is often considered the best material for reusable grocery bags.


* Biodegradable/Natural plant fiber

* Renewable resource

* Strong and long-lasting

* The touch is soft, smooth, and pleasant

* Widely available

* Can be washed in cold water, with the same colors. To reduce shrinkage and preserve the life of printing, we recommend that you air dry.

* Reusable bags can be printed on cotton as a canvas for your logo. Some custom cotton bags can be printed with full bleed, in addition to full-color heat transfer printing and screen printing.


* Chemically treated or not, this product is not water-resistant.

* Crops that require high water use

* 16% of all pesticides are used in traditional, cotton.

* Expensive to ship, heavy and bulky

Bags can shrink and wrinkle like any other 100% cotton item. To limit this, machine wash bags in cold water and dry on the air.

Jute, a natural plant fiber often called hessian and burlap, is.


* Natural renewable resource

* Jute can be biodegradable or compostable

* Cultivated

* Durable

* High rainfall areas require minimal to no irrigation and pesticides.

* Can be mixed with other fabrics.


* Water-resistance is not very good unless laminated or chemically treated

* Grainy texture

* Limitations on printing: Only bold objects and thick lines.

Polypropylene plastic is a flexible resin polymer. Because of their relative durability and low cost, nonwoven polypropylene bags have been deemed the best reusable grocery bag. GSM is listed on nearly all of our nonwoven, polypropylene reusable bags. Although we offer many woven polypropylene bags some are made overseas in large quantities.


* Recyclable

* Very strong

* Can be made of recycled materials

* Chemical resistance

* Can be woven to make it less porous and easier clean

* A wide range of color options for material

* Flexible printing options.


* Type of plastic

* Not biodegradable nor compostable

* A product of the petrochemical sector

* A non-renewable resource

* Not recommended to machine wash

* The bag’s texture and the thickness of the inks used will require thick lines and larger font sizes.

Recycled Pet is an eco-friendly, durable fabric made from recycled plastic containers and bottles. Recycled PET helps reduce waste, conserve oil, and other non-renewable resources. Reusable PET bags create a market in post-consumer recycled material. Our most popular reusable bags are those made from recycled materials.


* Strong and long-lasting

* PET requires 2/3 less energy than other materials to make products.

* Can be mixed with other fabrics like hemp or polyester to create reusable bags.

* PET reusable bags that have been recycled can be screen printed with spot colors.


* A type of plastic

* Post-consumer waste transport, sorting, and recycling can be energy-intensive and polluting

* Hand washing is not recommended.