As a water heater or geyser as it is commonly called in India, it requires as much care like any other electronic device. While manufacturers may offer the best parts for constant heating or cooling, they must remember that even the best parts can wear out if placed under pressure. This post will discuss how to maintain and install water heaters to prolong their life, despite the constant expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling.

Consider these points when installing a water heater/geyser

1. Space around the geyser

Keep some space between your water heater and the walls when you install it. It is impossible for a technician to properly service the water heater if they don’t have enough room.

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If you want to fix it or have it serviced, it should be accessible easily. To make it easier for technicians to access the apparatus, some people mount the geyser directly on top of the toilet. It is best to mount it on a part of the wall that does not have any water below it, and away from damp areas, such as the bathtub, toilet, or shower. It can be accessed by anyone with a small stool.

2. Set the water heater to a suitable height

Experts recommend installing the geyser at least 6 feet (6 m) from the floor. This ensures sufficient water pressure and a strong hot flow of water from your tap.

3. Electric connections and switches

You should make sure the geyser connects to a Miniature Circuit Breaker. This cuts off electricity in case there are power fluctuations. This will minimize the chance of the water heater catching on fire. You should also keep the switch at a safe height, away from children, and not too high so that it is difficult to reach by adults.

After we have discussed the precautions you should take when installing a water heating system, let’s now look at maintenance tips to keep it in good condition.

4. Don’t leave the geyser on for too long

People prefer to keep the geyser running for long periods, especially in hot areas.

Keep the geyser on because everyone needs hot water before heading to school or work. This may have been the case in the past, but geysers today heat the water in 5 minutes. The geyser’s life expectancy will be reduced if it is left on for longer periods. It is best to turn it off 5 minutes before your water needs it and not half an hour before. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your heater.

5. You can save more electricity by lowering your temperature

Water heater maintenance is essential as it will help you save electricity. The water temperature will rise faster if you set it to a lower setting. This will reduce the amount of work required by the geyser, and increase its longevity. The chances of an accidental burn are reduced if you use warm water instead of very hot. For families with small children, it is important to lower the thermostat.

6. before winter arrives, check the anode tube in the tank

Larger geysers come with an anti-corrosion anode tube inside the tank. This rod attracts water impurities and rust to the tank, which prevents it from becoming corroded or rusted. This rod corrodes over time.

Experts recommend checking the anode rod at least once every three years to make sure that no magnesium outer layer has been removed and that no more than 6 inches of the inner core steel are visible. If the rod is found to be in this condition, it should be replaced. It is also necessary to replace the rod if it has a coating of whitish-colored calcium sediments. This happens when the water becomes hard.

7. Replace the plastic outlet and inlet pipe with steel ones

Because they are more resistant to heat than standard plastic inlet or outlet pipes, it is better to use them. You should also make sure you check the joints regularly. If there are whitish deposits of hard water or rust around your joints, then it is time for you to replace the inlet and outlet pipes.

8. Make sure you have an annual maintenance

Last but not least, if you are not an expert in maintaining a geyser or want to avoid any problems with your water heater, then it is better to hire a heaths air professional to do the job.