There have been so many new features and options in vaping devices over the past few decades that it can be hard to choose which one to buy. You might find it difficult to find your first vaping device in a brick-and-mortar vape shop. Before purchasing you should check cbd gotas precio colombia.

So what are the various types of vapes available today? Or what vape should you purchase if you have been vaping for some time and are looking for something with more features? We’ll be answering those questions in this guide on the various vapes currently available.

Pod Systems

What Is A Pod System, You Ask?

A pod is any device that stores its liquid in a removable and disposable plastic pod. A vape pod typically has a filling port at the side. This is where you can add liquid when necessary.

Benefits Of Pod Systems

The greatest benefit of pod vaping is its simplicity. All you have to do to maintain a pod vaping system is charge it, refill it with e-liquid and change the coils or pods occasionally. It is easier to replace the coil with a pod system than a vape bottle, which requires you to take apart the whole tank.

Who Should Purchase A Pod System

If you’re a smoker looking to quit smoking and switch to vaping, the pod system is the best vaping device. The pod system feels like smoking because it has tight airflow. If you are a seasoned vaper who wants to buy a smaller device that reduces your e-liquid intake, a pod system could be a perfect choice.

Pod Mods

What Is A Pod Mod?

A pod mod is an electronic vape device that combines pod-based vaping’s simplicity with some of the more advanced features of full vape mods. You can fill the pod easily with a pod mod and then dispose of it when you are done. A pod mod is a great choice for those with some vaping experience who want to enjoy a more rich vaping experience.

Benefits Of Pod Mods

The popularity of pod-based vaping devices is huge among the vaping community. Although vape mods were the original vaping device, they are still the best.

Vape Pens

What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen can be described as a refillable vaping device that has a cylindrical shape. Some vape pens look like ballpoint pens, while others are more narrow and long. Some look almost like cigars, while others are wider. Some are a bit wider and look almost like cigars. Vape pens have existed for as long as vaping has existed.

Vape Pens Benefits

People love the shape of vape pens. A small cylindrical vaping device can easily be carried in your pocket. Some people also love the sensation of holding a vape pen.

Vape Mods

What Is A Vape Mod?

Vape mods are among the most powerful and largest vaping devices. These vape mods have a boxy appearance and are able to hold more batteries than other types. Some box mods can accommodate two batteries.

Vape Mods: Benefits

Vape mods are the best option for vapers who want the most power delivery and longest battery life. A vape device can provide between 100-and 200 watts of power, depending on how big the battery is. They will generally last for a full day without the need to recharge.