Today’s design periodicals abound, and many of them provide fantastic ideas and inspiration for decorating your house. Among these best home décor magazines, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest, which is published monthly and focuses on the residences of “the wealthy and famous,” is a valuable resource for many professional designers and serious homeowners. The editors take you into the homes of well-known celebrities to examine how the interiors were designed and furnished for the owner. Many of the concepts are cutting-edge, and this journal provides the typical reader with the chance to get expert ideas at a moderate cost.

Veranda Interiors in the Southern United States is featured in Veranda, a lovely magazine that showcases opulent décor ideas for every location. Readers get a sense of how “the other half” lives, yet they may integrate many of the tactics and ideas into their own houses.

Traditional Residence

Traditional Home, as the name indicates, focuses on historic homes and traditional design. Some articles lead you to historic sites, while others give ideas for incorporating traditional materials and design into modern dwellings. There are suggestions for traditional colour palettes, furniture types, and classic window coverings.

Romantic Homes Romantic Homes is for the romantic, displaying options for those seeking a romantic, domestic appeal. Shabby chic abounds on these pages, and references are provided so that the reader may obtain the items she needs for her own house. Cottage-style design and suggestions for incorporating this appearance and lifestyle into your own house are provided.

Country Life

This monthly publication focuses on rural decorating, crafts, antiques, and traditional food. Articles include houses with inviting fireplaces, vintage hues, and modest window coverings. Country Living has a wealth of information on how to get this style in your house.

She Decorates

Elle Décor is a bimonthly newspaper that features ideas for contemporary rooms with a French flair. It focuses on “what’s trendy” in luxury living, furniture design, and space planning, while also providing tools for the typical homeowner to incorporate this style into their homes.
House Beautiful is one of the oldest print publications for interior design and is released monthly. There are classic and contemporary décor ideas for functional kitchens, bathroom getaways, and romantic bedrooms. They provide remodelling and renovation advice and ideas. They also have product resources.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine

This monthly newspaper provides decorating, gardening, and family activity ideas. Better Homes & Gardens is aimed at the typical homeowner or renter and offers practical answers to everyday problems. They also create seasonal décor publications that include a plethora of information for particular projects.