70 Things to Do with Kids Now That We’re All Stuck at Home

If you're looking for fun things to do with kids while you're at home, here are some ideas. Do you think it is not on this list? Tell us and we'll add! We all need every vision we get in the next few weeks. 70 things we do with kids now that we're all stuck at home Play hide and seek in enclosed spaces. Create decorations, set up a playlist, and throw a family dance party. Try a cake recipe or fresh cake. Bonus idea: set up a camera or smartphone and build a cooking demonstration! Play with blocks. We recommend the STEM Blocks Rock competitive game! Make a protractor counting game using egg carton. The instructions are here. Go camping in the living room. Playing board games. Plan and start your indoor treasure hunt. Design a family garden. Make ice cream in a bag. Recipe here. Make slime. The instructions are here. Set up a nail salon at home and try some nail art techniques. Comments here. Put on your best clothes and have a luxurious dinner. Make a pinata. The instructions are here. Make friendship bracelets. Make and swell bubbles. The instructions are here. Teach your pet a new trick. Make rock candy. The instructions are here. Take a walk inside. Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Feuch Cosmic Kids Yoga. Making paper spindles. The instructions are here. Create your own bingo cards and win a bingo tournament. Create a family tree. Let your children write and direct a stop-motion film. Learn how it works here. Learn and play new blackjack. Teach yourself success. Use origami wrapping or paper. Comments here. Play with magnets on a cookie page. Make walks on the ground with painter's tape. Play with roadside chalk. Play indoor volleyball or balloon football. Have a pizza party. Here is a recipe for DIY Pizza Bagels. Make a red kite and see who is furthest away. Play with mom and dad's clothes. Make popsicles for yourself. Go to your back garden and find four leaf clover. Write a secret message in invisible ink. Lemonade recipe in invisible ink here. Play "I Spy" inside or outside the window. Clean your closet. FaceTime or Skype with family or friends. Eat breakfast in bed. You have a tea party. Make a bag of fine water. The instructions are here. Make some play dough. Make a backyard nature hunting game. Play "The floor is Lava". Do not lie on the sofa and read your favorite books. Rearrange or redesign your room. Play bubble pool. Fight on a pillow. Do an indoor obstacle course. What a family music night. Build a huge barrage of blankets, chairs and pillows Paint with Kool-Aid. The instructions are here. Make a puppet show. Make a scrapbook. Play balls on the floor. Do the puzzle. Wrap the clothes together. Make fresh candy. Put on your bathtub and play spa day. Play 20 questions. Create creatures from pipe cleaners. Comments here. Make a bottle of treasure. The instructions are here. Decorate the shirt. Write messages for family and friends. Build a bridge or building using toothpicks or Q-tips. Play Hangman or Tic Tac Toe. Make a time capsule! One day your children can use it to tell their children about this rage.

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