One of the materials that are utilized in the manufacturing process of garden and patio furniture more frequently than any other kind of wood is teak. It is truly remarkable, both in terms of the sumptuous aesthetic it provides and the resilience and strength that it brings. When you go to the market to choose the teak outdoor tables, you will find that there is a large variety in front of you. This is because there are many different types of teak wood, and when you go to the market, you will see these tables. As a consequence of this, there are a few characteristics of this wood that you should be aware of, as doing so will assist you in selecting the option that is in your best interest.

Machine Versus Semi-Machine Vs Handcrafted

To begin, you have the responsibility of deciding between teak wood furniture that is machine manufactured, partially machine created, or hand made. When the opportunity presents itself, you should always choose sets that have been completely manufactured by machine. The reason for this is that machines can produce far more exact results in their work. Although it is processed more precisely, the cost is only somewhat more.

To manufacture the furniture, the wooden blocks are measured out into the appropriate pieces and then cut with extreme precision. This ensures that everything will fit together correctly and that there will be no manufacturing defects in your furniture.

On the other hand, semi-machine products rely on both manual labor and machines to get the job done, and the quality of the work depends on the expertise of the people performing the physical labor. And finally, the quality of the hand-created product is wholly determined by how skilled the craftsman is. Despite this, it is the most cost-effective alternative to teak wood furniture.

The Various Qualities Of Teak

There are three distinct levels of quality that may be assigned to teak, and they are denoted by the letters A, B, and C respectively.

Grade A Teak

Because it comes from the heartwood portion, grade A teak is the most expensive variety. It has a uniform color that can be described as being quite a bit like ‘warm honey,’ and it is the most mature wood in the timber. In addition to that, you may notice that this wood has a slightly oily feel to it when you touch it. The fact that it is dense in addition to being abundant in oils that provide protection is the nicest thing about it. This type of wood accounts for approximately 20 to 25 percent of the mature log, and the furniture made from it is more expensive than furniture made from other wood grades.

Grade B Teak

It is a part of the log that is halfway through its maturation and features the heartwood despite being on the outside of the log. In comparison to grade A timber, this one has a lighter, more muted appearance and a more varied appearance from different angles. The higher grade that has an uneven grain is shinier than this one, but this one is not nearly as oily. This one accounts for about a third to a third and a half of the log.

Grade C Teak

Last but not least, there is grade C teak, which refers to the portion of the log that is closest to the bark. The portion of the tree that is still alive is the part that the other parts of the tree rely on for their supply of water and minerals. This one is both softer and tougher than the other, and it has an appearance that is quite patchy. Teak outdoor tables made from grade C timber have a combination of light and dark color contrast, which makes them less durable and weaker than tables made from higher grades of teak.