Have you ever gazed at your Easter flowers and wished you could make them bloom longer? They usually only survive two weeks inside, and it’s a pity that they start withering so quickly.

If you’re in love with these stunning blooms and thinking, “Can you grow Easter lilies outside?” I’ve got good news for you! If you grow Easter lilies in your yard, you may enjoy their beauty for much longer than those two weeks!

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about planting Easter lilies outdoors!

How to Plant Easter Lilies Correctly

Easter lilies are fragile flowers that demand great thought when planting in order to get it right and eventually watch them bloom so that you may enjoy their beauty for more than two weeks.

They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also fantastic for decorating and building wreaths!

Preparing Easter Lilies for Outdoor Planting

Ideally, you should start preparing your Easter lilies for outdoor planting while they are still inside. You must pay close attention to where they are positioned, how much sunshine they get, and if the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

Keep your Easter lilies near a bright window, but not in direct sunlight, when inside. Temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F are good for these plants. When watering them, bear in mind that you only need to get the soil gently damp, not completely saturated. You may assist them out even more by using liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks.

Trim back the blossoms of your Easter lilies when they begin to fade. This may be accomplished by trimming each flower stalk at the base. Take care not to touch the leaves, since this must remain intact for the plant to thrive outside. When all of the flowers have faded, it’s time to put it outdoors.
If you choose to keep them inside, you can keep your Easter lilies healthy if you take adequate care of them. A crucial problem here is that indoor temperatures are very stable in comparison to external weather conditions, making it difficult for them to rebloom inside. You will need to supply them with a winter chilling time to maintain them prospering inside.

Where Should Easter Lilies Be Planted?

Finding the ideal location for your Easter lilies is just as crucial as following the proper planting procedures. The position in which you plant them will decide whether they get enough or too little sunshine, as well as proper drainage for water consumption.

Choose a location in your yard that gets morning light and afternoon shade to achieve the ideal balance for your Easter lily plant.

If your garden soil does not allow for appropriate drainage, consider using sand, compost, or peat moss. You might also plant your Easter flowers in pots.

The kind of soil in your yard is also an important consideration, although Easter lilies flourish in most soils, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Clay is the only form of soil that should not be used for Easter lilies.